Some Current & Recent Cases

The firm handles every type of criminal case – from motoring to murder. We advise and assist clients throughout their cases, representing them in police stations and in the criminal courts. Here are a few examples:

A was charged with conspiring to “launder” over £20,000,000. Much of the money had passed through his own bank account. He was acquitted after a lengthy trial in the Crown Court.

B  had engaged in a campaign of harassment against her former partner, posting “revenge porn” on social media.  Evidence to show that she was autistic persuaded the court to act leniently.

C supposedly organised a major “County Lines” drug supply network. We arranged expert psychological testing. This proved the client to be incapable of the necessary degree of organisation.

D  admitted supplying drugs, but his sentence exceeded the norm for similar offences. Our solicitor-advocate took the case to the Court of Appeal, which duly reduced the sentence.

E had downloaded numerous pornographic images, for which he was prosecuted.  We drew the court’s attention to various mitigating factors, whereby our client avoided prison.

F was one of six defendants prosecuted in relation to a gang murder. He was the only one represented by us. Just he and one other were acquitted. The remaining defendants were all imprisoned for life.

G awaited trial for fraudulently obtaining over £50,000 in benefits.  After we explained that she had not properly understand the benefits system the prosecution dropped the entire case.